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国際開発工学専攻・修士課程・学位論文抄録執筆のしおり / Preparation of Extended Abstract for Master Thesis at IDE



  • 図表をはめ込んだオフセット印刷可能な完成原稿
  • 用紙の大きさ: A4
  • 余白: 上下左右いずれも20 mm
  • 枚数: 4枚
  • 表題,章・節の構成,参考文献,等: 執筆例 abstExMJを参照
  • 使用言語: 一部の箇所(下記)を除いて英語
  • 論文題目,学生氏名: 英文にあわせて和文でも記載(国際大学院コースの学生は任意とする)
  • 要旨: 日本語による執筆が可能な者は和文で,それ以外の者は英文で,冒頭に要旨(和文の場合200字程度,英文の場合100語程度)を付す
  • 印刷物およびPDFファイルで提出
  • PDFファイルに表示,印刷に必要なフォントを埋め込むこと

Extended abstract for master thesis

  • Camera ready manuscript with tables and figures
  • Paper size: A4
  • Margins: 20 mm for top, bottom, left, and right
  • Length: 4 pages
  • Styles of title, chapter, section, reference list, etc: Refer to an example abstExME
  • Language: English except for some parts (see the followings)
  • Thesis title and name: Write in Japanese as well as in English.  Note that this condition is optional for International Graduate Program students whether or not they add thesis title and name in Japanese.
  • Short abstract: In the case of students who can write in Japanese, attach short abstract in Japanese of approx 200 characters at the beginning of the manuscript. In the case of the other students, attach that in English of approx 100 words.
  • Submit both hard-copy and PDF file
  • Embed all necessary fonts in PDF file