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1. Registration
Register at:https://goo.gl/forms/rbcuX5CB5RDZMXl02
Deadline: 16:00, January 31 (Wednesday), 2018

Date&Time: February 7 (Wednesday), 2018, postponed to Feb. 15
Venue: Room B02/05, Ishikawadai Bldg. 4

Submit a report after the presentation. Grading will be based on the report and the presentation.
There is no format for the report. You can write the report in English or in Japanese.

The reports will be published on this website.
Please do not write any personal information other than your name. Email address, phone number, and student ID should not be included.
Please do not include any information which might violate confidentialities of the organization you visited. Please consult the person-in-charge if you are wondering that some issues could arise associated with the document considered.

Deadline: 16:00, February 14 (Wednesday), 2018postponed to Feb. 22
Submit to:https://www.dropbox.com/request/Wk5AKfGULuc4ECCDRqOv
File format: PDF (Do NOT submit doc or docx files)
File name: StudentID_lastname.pdf (e.g. 17M12345_Tokodai.pdf)
Note: If you want to replace the file with a new one, just upload the new file.

Email for inquiry at: