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Instructions for the interim presentation by Master course students (August 2, 2012)


To:: 2nd year Master course students who entered the IDE  program in April.


You are required to present the progress of your research work at the interim presentation session scheduled on Thursday, August 2, 2012, starting from 13:20.   Please send the title of your presentation by July 19 (Thursday)  to nabe<at>ide.titech.ac.jp via e-mail.

As for the details of the session, please check the following instructions below.

Best regards,

Naoya Abe, Secretary for the department

******Details of the interim presentation session ******

1. Purpose of the session:

To present the progress of your work and to explain the significance of your research to those who are not necessarily experts in your research field.

2. Submission of the presentation title:

Deadline: by 17:00, July 19 (Thursday)

Please send the title to nabe<at>ide.titech.ac.jp via e-mail (please replace <at> by @)

 3. Submission of one page abstract in advance to the interim presentation

– A4, one page, in English. The format is the same as the first page of “Extended abstract for master thesis” without “Short abstract.”

Check this page for the details.

– The representative of each lab. should  collect all lab-mates PDF files and send them to Naoya Abe.  Please also hand-in the printed-out abstracts too at Room 107, Ishikawadai #4 (to Ms. Sakamoto, Secretary of Abe research group.)  . The deadline of the both materials is  17:0, Thursday, July 26, 2012, one week before the session.


4.  Date, time, and venue

Dat: on Thursday, August 2, 2012

Time:  11:00 – 17:00 (including preparation and clean-up periods of time)

11:00 – 12:00 Installation of poster panels and  preparation of posters by presenters (I will announce about this in detail later.)

13:20 – 15:30 Presentation session

Allocation of time among 15 mins for each presentation:

  • First 5 mins:  brief introduction by each presenter
  • Next 5 mins:  Q&A with IDE professors
  • Last  5 mins: Q&A with other presenters

15:30 –  Awarding of prize to the best presenter, followed by the room clean-up

Venue: Ishikawadai #4,  Basement #B04/5


5. Presentation

– A*0 (A-zero) size poster, in English

– Six to eight IDE professors are designated for each presentation and they will evaluate each presentation.

The result of the evaluation is also used as reference to the grade for   “Seminar in International Development Engineering IV.”

– All presenters are strongly encouraged to raise a question to other presentations, at least once.


6. Prize will be  awarded to the best presenter based on the results of the faculty’s evaluation.


7. Inquiries: Please contact Naoya Abe, Secretary for the department, Ext.3797, nabe<at>ide.titech.ac.jp via e-mail (please replace <at> by @)