Hello! This is Taro Miyauchi, M1 student.

We had our sixth meeting of 1~2Q in 2021 on June 23th online, and MC was me.
I summarized the meeting bellow.

Research session

Presenters: Pat (M1) and me ‘Miyauchi’


Research theme was how much the loss of demand of tourism occurred by COVID-19 caused economic loss of all industries. I used one of the statistical methods, input-output analysis, and can calculate the final total economic loss in 4 Japanese prefectures; Hokkaido, Kanagawa, Kyoto, and Kagawa. I got the advice that I should expand my research, like estimating the economic impact by other methods from now. Firstly, I considered to


She focused on the plastic waste management in Thailand. Plastics in Thailand were not well managed (not separating waste well etc.) and caused some problems to human or environment. She used the method of “scenario analysis” to find the optimal scenario to deal with plastic waste management. Scenario analysis is the way to set some parameters and estimate whether each parameter has positive or negative effect to the project. In the future, she will search some other method to utilize her research.

I felt it was one of good ways to utilize my research. I will research it and consider whether I can use or not.

Bonding session

The topic was “Where do you want to travel or what do you want to do with lab members if COVID dies down?”. We have not been able to meet directly with all members, so I asked lab members where you want to go or what you want to do with all members. Some members wanted to go to the spots which had beautiful nature like Koyo in Nikko or Tokyo island. And also some of them wanted to meet and eat lunch. After the presentations of all members, I asked them to vote whose places or things were best. The most gathering things were “go to picnic, and to eat and play sports in a park” and “go to Tokyo islands”, Pere san’s and Natasha san’s idea. Actually, Abe sensei proposed to do it at the park near Tokyo Tech university, so we can come true our former wish soon. If COVID-19 died perfectly, I would like to go Tokyo islands and enjoy their beautiful nature with members.

                      Figure 1: Image of bonding session