People-Centered Research for Social and Environmental Sustainability

Time, space, and location matter for people and sustainability!

Welcome to Abe Research Group Website!!

We are currently engaged in the following research themes:

    • Shaping “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” by bottom-up approach (under POST 2015 project)
    • The sustainable use and development of renewable energy systems (mainly photovoltaic and wind) based on social receptiveness and project economics.
    • Capacity assessment and capacity development methodologies in international collaboration scenarios.
    • Proper administration (management) of organizations for the development of sustainable societies.
    • Collection, analysis and management of environmental information for policy making and management.

Our members are hands-on with an emphasis on a transdisciplinary research approach: involving the society and stakeholders, learning the real scenario through field visits, and merging theory and practical knowledge to find the best solutions.