Site Visit – Meguro Incineration Plant


Hello everyone! How are you? Hope you are always in good health and spirit. Recently, our lab had the opportunity to tour the inner workings of an incineration plant! How nice is that? Join me as I will briefly share this unique and fun experience.

On October 30th, 2023 we visited the Meguro Incineration Plant. Everybody met at the meeting point in front of Meguro station at 9 AM and then we strolled along the beautiful Meguro River to reach the plant. As we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by one of the employees who immediately took us to the auditorium where we watched a short film about this particular incineration plant.

Seeing a good film loaded with fascinating knowledge is such a privilege, but do you know what is more fascinating than this? Yes, next thing the employee took us on a tour to see the inside of this huge plant that we just saw in the film. Started by seeing a full-tech control room equipped with live videos of the massive fire combustion inside the incinerator. Then we saw a huge waste bunker where all combustible household wastes carried by trucks were temporarily stored. We also saw all these trucks going in and out of the platform dumping the waste, it was a non-stop activity there! After that, we went to every other utility including the steam turbine generator where we could see the electricity being produced from all this burning waste, and we proceeded to enter a simulation room of the incinerator to experience what it feels like on the inside.

In the end, we went back to the auditorium to have a Q&A session and closed the visit by taking a group photo. Of course, it was not complete without having lunch together! So this time we went to an Indian restaurant.

It was such a fun but also insightful experience, and we are looking forward to many more in the future!

Reported by Adam