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[Faculty members]

Note: Please add titech.ac.jp after each e-mail address except those e-mail addresses in full text.

(Updated: Sep 13, 2014)

Name Title Fields of Study Office, e-mail, website
Nobuaki Otsuki Professor Construction Materials Office: S6-215 E-mail: otsuki@ide. Web site
Hirofumi Hinode Professor Inorganic Materials and Properties, Catalyst and Chemical, Process, Chemical Engineering in General Office: I4-406 E-mail: hinode@ide. Web site
Shinya Hanaoka Associate Professor Transportation Planning, Projects of Developing Countries Office: I4-105 E-mail: hanaoka@ide. Web site
Naoya Abe Associate Professor Environmentalal Information, Policy and Management, Applied Economics, International Cooperation Office: I4-106 E-mail: nabe@ide. Web site
Kentaro Saito Assistant Professor Telecommunication engineering, Radio Propagation Office:  E-mail: saitouken@ide. Web site
Kurniawan Winarto Assistant Professor Separation Engineering, Separation Process, Separation Operation Office: I4-305 E-mail: kurniawan@ide. Web site
Andante Hadi Pandyaswargo Assistant Professor  Municipal solid waste management,
Sustainability assessment,
Environmental awareness education
 Office: I4-107 E-mail: Hadi@ide.  Web site
Masakazu Sasaki Visiting Professor Physical Property, Chemical Process Simulation Toyo Engineering Corporation E-mail: sasaki@ide. Web site
Manabu Tsunoda Visiting Professor International Development Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) E-mail: Web site
Keisuke Matsukawa Visiting Professor Project Management CHIYODA Corporation E-mail:matsukawa@ide. Web site
Manabu Kanda Professor, Chair of the graduate program Environmental Hydrology Office: I4-410 E-mail: kanda@ide. Web site
Jun-ichi Takada Professor Telecommunication engineering Office: S6-213 E-mail: takada@ide. Web site
Yukihiko Yamashita Associate Professor Computer Science, Intelligent Informatics Office: S6-217 E-mail: yamasita@ide. Web site
Hiroshi Takagi Associate Professor Coastal Engineering,Disaster Prevention Engineering Office: S6-212 E-mail: —————– Web site
Takuichi Hirano Assistant Professor Computational electromagnetics, Antenna engineering, Telecommunication engineering Office: S3-908 E-mail: hira@ide. Web site
Ryuichi Egashira Associate Professor Separation Engineering, Separation Process, Separation Operation Office: I4-306 E-mail: regashir@ide. Web site
Hiroaki Habaki Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering, Separation Engineering, Separation Process Office:I4-305 E-mail: hhabaki@ide. Web site
Kiyohiko Nakasaki Professor Environmental Engineering, Biochemical Engineering Office: I4-303 E-mail: nakasaki@ide. Web site
Kunio Takahashi Professor, Chair of the undergraduate program Bonding joining welding, tiribology, Surface Science Office: I4-201 E-mail: takahak@ide. Web site
Daisuke Akita Associate Professor
Aerospace Systems, Aerodynamics
 Office: I4-206 E-mail: akita@ide.
Hemthavy Pasomphone Assistant Professor Archaeological Prospection Mechanical Engineering Course Office: I4-210 E-mail: pasomphone@ide. Web site
Shinobu Yamaguchi Professor Education and IT, Internatioanl development and cooperation, Sustainable Development of World Cultural Heritage Office: GSIC Int. Bldg. 202 E-mail: yamaguchi@gsic. Web site
Michael Norton Professor


Akiko Yamaura Administrative assistant to the department Office: I4-104 E-mail: office@ide.

Note: As for office location, I4, S3, S6, and W1 indicate Ishikawadai Bldg #4, South Bldg #3, South Bldg #6, and West Bldg #1 respectively. Please see the access map information in details (link).