Coastal Disasters and Climate Change in Vietnam is the first book to focus specifically on natural hazards and climate change in Vietnam.

Handbook Coastal Disaster Mitigation

The Handbook of Coastal Disasters Mitigation presents a coherent overview of 10 years of coastal disaster risk management and engineering.

The study on SLR adaptation strategies with U. Tokyo has been published in Nature Climate Change (July, 2017)

日経新聞に津波防災関連のインタビュー記事が掲載されました (January, 2017)

JSPS-NWO Joint Seminar 日本・オランダ沿岸域災害常襲国の減災に向けた知の協働セミナーを主催 (Dec, 2016)

Tentative analysis for storm surge and high waves caused by Hurricane Matthew has been uploaded (Oct, 2016)

日経新聞に潮流発電関連(東北大との共同研究)の記事が掲載されました (September, 2016)

Tokyo Bay tsunami: comments posted on Beacon Reports (August, 2016)

・世界の沿岸域災害についての書籍を出版しました/New book has been released "Handbook of Coastal Disaster Mitigation for Engineers and Planners" (Aug, 2015)

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東京工業大学 環境・社会理工学院 高木泰士研究室 (融合理工学系)


Costal Disaster Research for Asian Countries

Coastal disasters such as tsunamis, storm surges, and high waves lead to considerable loss of human life and property. The vulnerability of coastal areas against natural disaster is expected to increase due to economic development and climate or environmental changes, especially for developing coasts such as found in many Asian countries, in which a large number of the population highly depends on low-lying vulnerable coastal areas.

Our research team is pursuing to understand what are actually exacerbating the coastal disaster risks especially in developing countries by means of field surveys, numerical simulations, and physical experiments.