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Master’s program graduate study at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), under the Asian Development Bank–Japan Scholarship Program (ADB–JSP)


<Updated: January 27, 2020>

The application period for IGP-C (overseas application) commencing in September 30, 2020, for which ADB-JSP applicants should apply, has been announced.

Application Period: Jan 22, 2020 - April 16, 2020

Please read this webpage carefully. Applicants should include ADB-JSP application form and necessary documents in the same envelope with their IGP(C) application for admission.  Applicants should send the required documents to the Admission Division during the designated application period.

Any documents which are sent to the ADB-JSP coordinator or the inquiry e-mail account are NOT reviewed.  



 <Caution> Applicants from graduated member countries, i.e., Hong Kong, China, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Taipei,China are no longer eligible for ADB-JSP.  Please check the ADB’s website here.


The five steps of the application process for the master’s program at Tokyo Tech under the ADB–JSP:

<Step 1> Please check your eligibility for the scholarship on the ADB website. This is naturally a very important step! For example, only a national of an ADB borrowing member country is eligible for the scholarship. Another important condition is that a candidate needs to have “at least two (2) years of full-time professional working experience (acquired after a university degree) at the time of application.”


<Step 2> To be considered for admittance to Tokyo Tech as well as for the ADB–JSP, applicants for the ADB–JSP must first find an academic advisor. Applicants are required to communicate directly with their intended academic advisor at Tokyo Tech to obtain the consent of the desired faculty member to serve in this capacity. Applicants need to directly contact the intended academic advisor via email, and provide a self-introductory statement and a letter of intent for the period of study at Tokyo Tech. Applications will not be accepted without the consent of a Tokyo Tech faculty member.

For further information on our faculty members, such as email addresses and contact information, please refer to the “Star Search” (Researchers’ Database) on Tokyo Tech’s homepage. Some academic advisers may require the submission of additional documents before the stated deadline.


<Step 3-1> If you are eligible for the scholarship and obtain the consent of an academic adviser, then you can apply for the International Graduate Program (C). Details are available at the website below:



You are required to check the “scholarship column” on the application form (Check List on the attached form), and prepare the ADB–JSP Information Sheet, Income Certificate, and a one-page research proposal, in addition to the required application documents and send these to:


Admission Division, Student Service Department,


W8-103,  2-12-1, Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8550, JAPAN


Tokyo Tech’s admissions selection committee will review the application for the scholarship.

The information sheet form is available here:


<Important> Original documents written in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Translations should be certified by a public institution.  Income certificates are requires for those who are living together with applicants and those who are working at the time of application.

<Step 3-2>

In addition to mail the application documents to the Admission Division above, applicants are also required to send the electrical file of the ADB-JSP Information sheet in the form of MS-Word AND income certificates in the form of PDF as attachments to:

Attn: Admission Division, Student Service Department


Email: ryugakusei@jim.titech.ac.jp


<Step 4> The admission decision will be made based on the application, academic transcripts, related documents, and screening and interview processes (including an Internet-based interview). Notification of admission results will be sent to all applicants in mid-July.

 (Important note:  Tokyo Tech does not longer accept the scholarship awardees for April intake.)

<Step 5>  The selection result of the scholarship needs to be approved by the ADB, after notification of the admission result. Thus, notification of the scholarship award could be delayed. Please note that those applicants who wish to join the graduate major for Global Engineering for Development, Environment and Society (GEDES) would be treated more favorably than those applicants who wish to join other departments. Regardless of the department you choose, the most important aspect is whether your proposed research field and goals are consistent with the mission and goals of the ADB–JSP program (i.e., the contribution to “development”).


[Submission and Inquiries for Admission]

Admission Division, Student Service Department


W8-103, 2-12-1,  Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8550, JAPAN

Tel: +81-3-5734-3024

Fax: +81-3-5734-3676

Email: ryugakusei-at-jim.titech.ac.jp

(please replace -at- by @)

【Inquiries for ADB-JSP】

International Student Exchange Division

Tokyo Institute of Technology

E-mail: inquiryadb.tokyotech-at-jim.titech.ac.jp

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