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Schedule and instructions for master candidates completing in September, 2016


This page summarizes the schedule and supplemental instructions for the IDE master program students while the general schedule and instructions set by Tokyo Tech are certainly valid. Thus please refer to “Graduate School Completion Schedule” together with “Forms for Graduate School Completion” set by the Tokyo Tech for the preparation of your thesis.

1. Registration of Research Title
Login to the IDE Local Web(accessible only in campus), go to the “Check and update individual data” and then put your research title on the row of ”Title of thesis (タイトル)”.
Deadline: 16:00, July 12 (Tuesday), 2016 (be punctual!)

2. Submission of Thesis and Abstract
To: Academic Advisor
Deadline: 16:00, July 12 (Tuesday), 2016 (be punctual)

To: other Examiners
Deadline: 16:00, July 19 (Tuesday), 2016 (be punctual)

(1) For the other examiners, the thesis itself is only required to submit. The abstract can be omitted.
(2) Consult your supervisor about who will be your examiners.
(3) In case your examiner is not present in the room, you may leave your thesis in his/her mailbox with a memo indicating the date and time you posted.

3. Submission of Extended Abstract (printed copy)
Format etc.: Prepare in English. See “Preparation of Extended Abstract for Thesis” for further particular. Submit one single-sided copy. Colored copies can be acceptable. Pinup with paper clips. Do not use staples.

Submit to: Ms. Hosomi, Administrative Staff at Room 104, Ishikawadai Bldg.4
Deadline: 16:00, July 19 (Tuesday), 2016 (be punctual, any delay shall not be allowed)

4. PC and electrical file used in the presentation
The presenters are allowed to use their laboratory’s computers (or personal one) which most facilitates their presentation according to individual PC environment, irrespective of operating system or presentation software. Please consult your supervisor on which computer you should use. Note: computers need to have a device to connect a VGA cable

Presentation file:
The presenters do NOT need to submit their presentation files in advance. Please bring the data with your computer.

Presenters SHOULD examine whether their computers can appropriately connect to the projector in the presentation room in advance. Please consult your supervisor on the availability of the presentation room. This process is crucially important as any postpone due to mechanical problems associated with PC’s connection will not be taken into consideration in your presentation.

5. Final Presentation
Date and Time: August 2 (Tuesday), 2016 (detailed time-schedule will be posted later)
Venue: Ishikawadai Bldg.4, Room B02–05
Language: Presentation – English; Discussion – English or Japanese
Time Limit: 20 minutes (14 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for discussion, 1 minute for alternation and preparation)

1) 20 copies of your presentation slide should be prepared and distributed to the faculty members just prior to your presentation with the assistance of your laboratory members
2) The maximum number of the paper distributed should be limited within 2 in two-sided printing
3) A correspondence table of technical terms between Japanese and English should be appended in the last slide

6. Submission of Revised Extended Abstract (electrical files only)
Prepare and submit the revised extended abstract through the local server (IDE Local web), reflecting the discussions and comments during your presentation. Check typographical errors and omissions once more. This material is important because it is used for the decision about conferment of Academic Degree, and compiling them for publishing abstract book. Submission of electrical files: please upload the files as instructed below. Note: The upload of your file is required even if no correction is made.

Deadline: 16:00, August 9 (Tuesday), 2016 (be punctual)

Submission of Electrical Files
PDF file of extended abstract (File name: Studentnumber_LastName_2016s.pdf (e.g. 14M51234_Tokodai_2016s.pdf)

How to Submit: Login to the “IDE local web“ (accessible only in campus) , go to the “Upload files” and then upload the above pdf file. After uploading, download your uploaded file to check them. The file on the server is overwritten by uploading a new file with the same filename. When you correct the filename on the server, upload the file with the correct filename. You don’t need to delete the old file with incorrect filename.