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Schedule and instructions for doctoral candidates completing in March, 2013


This page summarizes the schedule and supplemental instructions only valid for IDE doctoral students while the general schedule and instructions set by Tokyo Tech are certainly valid.   Thus please refer to “SCHEDULE FOR COMPLETING THE DOCTORAL COURSE, THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING” set by the Tokyo Tech for the preparation of your thesis.

Submission of Thesis

To: Academic Advisor and examiners

Deadline: Specified by Academic Advisor (and before the presentation date). Deadline of the submission of thesis to other prospective examiners should be determined by the academic advisor.


Date and Time: January 7, 2013 (Monday), 9:00 – 16:35, January 8 (Tuesday), 9:00 – 18:20

Venue: Ishikawadai 4th Bldg B1 Room B02 – 5

Language: English or Japanese

Time Limit: 90 minutes (60 minutes for presentation, 30 minutes for discussion)

Handouts: Prepare 20 copies of presentation slides for faculty staff at minimum. Indicate “Doctoral Thesis Presentation, Department of International Development Engineering” with the date in the first page. Put slide number in each slide. Distribution of the copies to other attendances is optional. Circulation of thesis is not required at the time of presentation.

Submission and Explanation of Thesis to Examiners

Doctoral candidates are required to submit and explain the thesis to their examiners and the academic advisor. Candidates may revise their  theses after the presentation (on January 7&8, 2013) and  before this submission.

Deadline: One week after presentation date (* Arrange the date and time for submission and explanation with each examiner, individually.)

Final Examination

Date of the final examination should be determined by the academic advisor.  Discuss with the academic advisor based on the followings:

Introduction of Thesis Outline:

Answers to the questions raised in the presentation and individual consultations:

Foreign Language Examination: The academic advisor will assign an English academic journal article, which is related to the doctoral thesis. Doctoral candidates shall introduce and give comments on this journal paper in English.