Ms.Binderiya Dondov
from Mongolia,
M2 graduate student, Hanaoka research group

1. What do you major in?
My main major is International Development Engineering. Though it is the same as our department name, I belong to Project management and planning research group. In terms of the project management, I am writing my thesis in the field of project finance under direct supervision of my assigned professor.

2. What made you decide to study overseas?
I have worked constantly for 6 years after my undergraduate study in Mongolia. During the 6 years I have worked, there were number of problems that Mongolia was facing. So I thought I should study abroad and come back with highly qualified degree from the Tokyo Institute of Technology with the intention that I can contribute to engineering development of my country with my newly acquired skills.

3. Why did you choose IDE, Tokyo Institute of Technology?
I am a JDS fellow. IDE was offered within the JDS (Japanese Development Scholarship) program in which I was selected. Tokyo Institute of Technology offers a unique program that combines engineering with international development. The program stands above all others from all of my research inquiries. In this globalized world, nowadays, there is an urgent need for engineers to be qualified in international development field that encompasses sustainable development issues and challenges.

4. What are your career goals?
I always had an aspiration to obtain new knowledge and skills by studying in the Japan based on my mathematical background because Japanese educational system has the highest global standards in the engineering field available. So I believe that my study at IDE will enable to make valuable contribution to the engineering and technological development of Mongolia. I am working on a cement plant project based on a limestone deposit in Mongolia. I am doing it as a part of my thesis in combination with the industrial project finance. After returning to my country with my newly acquired knowledge and skills from Tokyo Tech, I will work in financial engineering field and try my best to successfully implement the project in order to promote socio-economic development of my country.

5. Can you describe IDE in a simple way?
In a simple way, IDE is a palace where you can obtain knowledge, new ideas as well as professional skills with combined system of engineering and international development that will be very crucial our future career and life.

6. What has IDE given you the opportunity to do that you have never tried before?
IDE had enabled me to realize that engineers can genuinely contribute to the optimal solution of international development challenges. I have never thought that engineers can play critical roles in the development issues and challenges. By studying at the IDE, I have been able to obtain expertise in both engineering field and development field.

7. How do you like studying in Tokyo? Do you enjoy life in Japan?
It is a great opportunity to study in Japan, especially in Tokyo. Variety of experiences will open our eyes and change our views to see the rest of the world. It is a wonderful place for a foreign person to live or study. People are so helpful like they would take me to a place when I am lost in the street trying to find my way. Everything is so astonishing here.

8. What is your favorite restaurant in town?
I have many favorite restaurants in Japan. It is quite hard to select the most favorite one. The restaurants in Ginza are the greatest. Everyone of my family back in Mongolia is so jealous about my Sushi and sashimi availability.

9. What are your favorite things to do on campus?
My favorite things to do on campus are playing sports in the gym and sitting in front of the main building where there full of Sakura trees. Sitting under those trees during cherry blossoming is so peaceful that provides you a power to study even harder.
In the gym, you can play many different sports.

10. Some of the people reading this interview may want to come to Japan and study. Do you have any advice to give them?
You can study in Japan either in English or Japanese language. All you can do is just to find the best program that suits your future career goals. In terms of study, it is advised to continue your study as long as you wish. Japan, in particular, Tokyo Institute of Technology is the right place where you can become an academician.

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