Ms.Batari Saraswati
from Indonesia,
D2 graduate student, Hanaoka research group

1. What do you major in?
I belong to the Transportation Planning Research Group. My research is in the field of air transportation. I studied about low-cost carrier and airport low-cost terminal back in Master, and now in Doctoral, I specify more on airline-airport cooperation and its policy implication in liberalization era.

2. What made you decide to study overseas?
One of my personal goals is to attain a PhD, and a developed country such as Japan provides the opportunity to do so. In addition to that, studying overseas can broaden my perspective, experience, as well as network.

3. Why did you choose IDE, Tokyo Institute of Technology?
IDE is a unique major that is not always available in other technology-based universities. The program offers the opportunity for engineers to contribute in international development.

4. What are your career goals?
I am looking forward to turn my knowledge into a meaningful contribution for the society – through research institutes and/or international organizations that specialized in policy making/ evaluation.

5. Can you describe IDE in a simple way?
IDE is a discipline that fosters the development of engineers to solve global problems by taking a sustainable approach.

6. What has IDE given you the opportunity to do that you have never tried before?
IDE pushes me to be advance not only in engineering-related theory but also in its implementation. I also get to be engaged in multi-disciplinary environment where people come from different fields.

7. How do you like studying in Tokyo? Do you enjoy life in Japan?
It took some time to adjust, but now Tokyo is my second home. Japan gives many experiences that I believe I could not get anywhere else in the world. I have access to technology (e.g. high-speed internet connection, reliable transportation) as well as to nature and cultural places.

8. What is your favorite restaurant in town?
I have plenty of favorite restaurants. I usually go to restaurants in Jiyuugaoka and Shibuya during weekends. There are also nice restaurants around campus that I and friends go to for lunch and dinner during weekdays.

9. What are your favorite things to do on campus?
I like spending time in the library. It is a nice place to work and read, and the moving bookshelves inside never fail to amaze me.

10. Some of the people reading this interview may want to come to Japan and study. Do you have any advice to give them?
There are many things that can be learned in Japan (in addition to your research), so do not forget to bring your curiosity and willingness to discover!

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