Mr.Alvin Varquez
from Philippine,
D1 graduate student, Kanda research group

1. What do you major in?
I’m majoring in Urban Meteorology under the supervision of Prof. Manabu Kanda. My current focus is on the improvement of land (including urban areas) and sea parameters for Numerical Weather Prediction Models. Accomplishing this will greatly improve the forecasting of highly localized weather events.

2. What made you decide to study overseas?
Before acquiring my bachelors degree, I realized I need to learn more if I want to succeed in the future. Also, I’ve always wanted to push myself to the limits. The only way for me to achieve them is to look at a broader horizon of things by studying overseas.

3. Why did you choose IDE, Tokyo Institute of Technology?
IDE is a multi-disciplinary unit/department with a primary focus of uplifting countries. I have always believed and felt impressed with its noble mission. IDE also gives me an opportunity to explore and learn other fields which makes me more flexible, with a wider range of opportunities, for my future.

4. What are your career goals?
I just to learn how to be satisfied with whatever situation I am in to feel more joy in learning. To be specific, I want to be a researcher, a leader, and a professor in the future. However, I will also be glad if I end up an entrepreneur, consultant, or even a musician.

5. Can you describe IDE in a simple way?
IDE is a pool of multi-disciplinary courses with the main objective of working together, in a scientific and holistic manner, for global development.

6. What has IDE given you the opportunity to do that you have never tried before?
The opportunity to love doing research. Also, the department also exposed me to very successful professors and very passionate lab members. Probably unlike the usual laboratories, IDE has a more international atmosphere where everyone treats each other as family.

7. How do you like studying in Tokyo? Do you enjoy life in Japan?
I enjoy it. Being a graduate student requires less time for attending classes. Most of the time, I need to study on my own. It’s good because I learn to enjoy studying while doing it at my pace. I also realize all graduate student researches warrants the same level of importance/respect as a professional researcher with all materials for research provided for. Outside of school, I enjoy the company of my friends, Japanese or foreign, young and old, and even the people in my neighborhood.

8. What is your favorite restaurant in town?
For some reason I enjoy the serenity of eating at Mominoki. It’s right beside Hiruma (all Tokodai students should know this supermarket). They provide huge servings and very affordable. I think it’s a good place to have a chat with some friends too.

9. What are your favorite things to do on campus?
The sakura trees lined up in front of the main building is a sight to behold. I enjoy eating my lunch there when I get the chance.

10. Some of the people reading this interview may want to come to Japan and study. Do you have any advice to give them?
Learn to adapt quickly.  Time is short. Take a break. Explore the world (through research and sight-seeing).

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