Yamashita Lab., Department of International Development Engineering, Tokyo Institue of Technology, 2-12-1-W9-117, O-okayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8550, Japan

Ex. 2925

Idea for research

In order to solve various problems in the world, there is no other way to develop science and technology. Only science and technology can be a common culture for human beings. Even an alien has almost the same science and technology or its improved versions. Furthermore, since science and technology as the Pandora’s box had been opened, in order to survive in future we behave rationally according to science and technology. Based on this idea, we are developing technologies to improve the welfare of human beings and studying to provide a new scientific way of thinking.

Research themes

Under the above idea, we research on the following themes. For their abstract, please read the linked page. (Sorry, it is old and we are renewaling.)

  • Pattern recognition, machine learning, and image processing
  • Information system using coward of cloud for international development
  • Image coding
  • Computer architecture

We want a student who

  • likes linear algebra, or
  • likes differential manifold, or
  • wants to design a high performance processor, or
  • wants to create a new method for pattern recognition or image coding, or
  • wants to make a system that contribute human beings by Java programming, or
  • worries about the future of human beings, or
  • is cheerful.

OS that we use

  • We use Linux as the OS for personal computers (Xubuntu or CentOS). It is convenient to have learned Linux before come to our lab.