Embedded Atom Method group(since 28/Mar/1996)

In Aug.2002, mep-server was crashed and long left as it was. We moved data to ide-server. If you find some link error, please contact to us.

The 2nd International EAMers meeting
with Dr.Baskes
in PSEA'04 conference in Kyoto.
Date: 24~26 Nov.2004
Time: One of sessions will be available for EAMers.
Place: Kyoto (After the session, "Izakaya" meeting will be held also this time.)
Photos:will be linked from Here !

prof.Wangyu Hu visitted us.
Informal presentation for exchange
Title: "Development and application of many-body EAM potentials in our lab"
Date: 21th Feb.2003
Time: about 15:30~
Place: Takahashi Lab., in Tokyo Institute of Technology
Details:cantact to Takahashi, et.al...

The first International EAMers meeting
with Dr.Baskes
in DIS'02 conference in Osaka..
Date: 26th Nov.2002
Time: After the final session ( 18:30~ )
Place: Izakaya (Japanese pub.)
Photos:Here !

Lecture about EAM series in University of Sidi-Bel-Abbes

History of the Embedded Atom Method

Topics in EAMers meeting.

AView 1.?.? (Free) ; Viewer of multi-atom systems on Windows


Meiji Univ. Branch of EAMers group


Mirror of FTP sites of Dr.Foiles, Dr.Daw, and Dr.Baskes in Sandia National Lab.




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