AView version 1._._ ( Free ware ) ... Please use most recent version.

!! AView is enrolled in MAP library of NPL and Cambridge (UK). !!
!! Postscript ( .ps .eps ) file and Ngraph shell script file ( .ngp ) suported !!
!! Mouse & Wheel stirring has become possible !!

( since 1998/12/31...)

samples exported to enhanced windows meta files ;
( converted to GIF file by Designer7.0 )

AView is designed to produce scientific/engineering pictures of multi-atomic systems. Since the pictures can be copied to the clip board or files in scalable formats, this applicaion would be helpful when you write scientific/engineering papers or reports.
More information is written in " readme-e.txt" or " readme-j.txt" .

Above figures are created by "AView". As for the figures, information on the relationship between the distance and the number of neighbours is written in the page. The relations are calculated and shown for simple cubic, fcc, bcc, hcp, and diamond structure. The page is one of the page of topics in EAMers home page.

Helpful tools for scientific / technological works.
  • TeX : Ohshima lab.,
  • Graph : GP, Ngraph,
  • Materials Science : MAP(Materials Algorithms Project) library
  • Group of (Modified) Embedded Atom Method (EAM/MEAM)
  • ...

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