Some topics in EAMers meeting

  • Lecture notes by prof.Takhashi in summer shool of University of Sidi-Bel-Abbes in Algeria.

  • Important work about MEAM published in Phys.Rev.B,63,165106 by P.van Beurden. (private communication)

  • Graphite structure is added to the "Distance and Number of neighbours".

  • Shin YoungHo moved from Seoul to Max-Planck.

  • I met Dr.Baskes in Los Alamos National Lab. USA.

  • Dr.Baskes has moved from Sandia National Lab. to Los Alamos National Lab..

    M I Baskes,
    Los Alamos National Laboratory,
    MST-8, MS G755,
    Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA
    Office: +1 (505) 667 1238
    Fax: +1 (505) 667 8021

  • I met Shin YoungHo in Seoul.

  • Note of the Deviation of eq.(6) shown in M.S.Daw and M.I.Baskes,Phys.Rev.B,29,6443(1984).

  • Re-produced Fig.2 shown in M.I.Baskes,Phys.Rev.B,46,2727(1992).

  • Screening function shown in M.I.Baskes,Phys.Rev.B,46,2727(1992)

  • He is Baskes !

    ( Dr.K.Takahashi(left) and Dr.M.I.Baskes(right), 21st Sep. '96 )
  • Position of Interstitials in Diamond Structure

  • Distance and Number of neighbours.

                               produced by Kunio TAKAHASHI

    Thank you for your attention...