Global anthropogenic heat flux database with high spatial resolution

Y. Dong, A.C.G. Varquez, M. Kanda

Atmospheric Environment (2016)



A monthly-representative hourly dataset (currently in local time) of anthropogenic heat fluxes has recently been launched. We have stored geo-referenced tiffs with global coverage in a database free for anyone to download and use. Details regarding its construction and citation formats can be found through the DOI link above.

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The period of black out is from 11th to 14th, August, 2018 so that we shutdown the server in advance.
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To access and download the full hourly dataset, follow the following steps:

1.  Open FTP client (e.g. Winscp, Filezilla).

2.  Host:

Additionally, you can request for a full annual data for a specified area of interest by filling up the form. We will clip the data to your region of interest and update you once the process is completed. This feature is made possible thanks to Mr. Mathew Lipson, CCRC, UNSW Australia, for suggesting and providing us with the python script to achieve this. A result of his work can be found here.

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For WRF users, we are currently creating versions in geogrid intermediate formats and UTC. Frequently visit these sites for updates.