The Third International Education Forum on Environment and Energy Science

December 12-16, 2014
Hyatt Regency Perth
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
By Nurul Huda Binti Ahmad

Group's photo

Last December 12-16, 2014, the International Education Forum on Environment and Energy Science sponsored by the program for Leading Graduate Schools "Academy for Co-creative Education of Environment and Energy Science (ACEEES)" was held at Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

This program was suessfully organized by Tokyo Institute of Technology. Professors and students from prestigious universities around the world contributed and shared their knowledge from diverse fields of research in this program. The detailed information regarding the program and the event can be accessed from this link:

Prof. Kanda, Dr. Inagaki, and three students (Meral, Kawano and myself) represented Kanda Laboratory in this forum. My presentation was about A Huge and High Resolution Large Eddy Simulation Domain of Tokyo Urban Area by using the Lattice Boltzmann Method. The presentation titled Implementation of the WRF-Urban Canopy Model to Istanbul, Turkey delivered by Meral. Kawano presented her research which was Study on Climate Changes using Urban Parameterization and Pseudo Global Warming Method in Kanto during summer season. From these presentations, we received many comments and questions from the audiences. These fruitful two ways discussion was a good opportunity for us to understand and improved our research in near future.

There was an opportunity to widen our research and industrial networking by attending this forum. Prof. Kanda introduced us with Prof. Siegfried Raasch. Prof. Raasch is from Institute of Meteorology and Climatology (IMUK) of Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany. His team builds the PArallelized Large-eddy simulation Model (PALM) which is for atmospheric and oceanic flows. Some of our lab’s members used PALM in their research.

After dinner at the hotel

Each of us also received a task which was totally different from our research. We also need to collaborate with other student which is also our room mate to accomplish the task and present it. This task triggers our consciousness about current environmental issues, teamwork and skill in collaborating with other people.

My group's discussion

our table during banquet

We went to Rottnest Island which is an A-Class Nature Reserve to learn about the highest level of protection of natural environment. It is a very beautiful island with crystal clear beaches and bays. More information about this island can be retrieved from this link

On the ferry, way goes to Rotteness Island An introduction about Rottness Island

A curious Quokka Beautiful beach

Firehouse Wind turbine

During the farewell party, Meral won an award for her group presentation. Professors and students also enjoyed the night with a nice buffet dinner and karaoke.

Group's photo for the winner

Before departure, I took a chance to have a walk nearby the hotel with other friends. Our aim is to see the kangaroo, one of the animals that is very special in Australia.

A tame kangaroo Feeding time

Besides gaining a great experience and knowledge from the forum, we also enjoy Perth scenery.

Some views nearby the hotel
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