by Anqi

What did I do after school?
Because it is a small city, most of the students lived very close to each other. In Japan, if my friend is living in Saitama, and I am living in Kanagawa, you have to take a long train and pay a lot to meet your friend. But in Linköping, it’s much easier to meet friends since everyone lives in a same area. When I went to the city center or supermarkets after school, I always meet someone I know. Parties and events could be very spontaneous (自発的な、任意の、自然に起こる).

Ryd is an area right next to the campus and 99% of the people are students from our university. I lived in a ‘corridor room’, which can be translated to ‘shared room’. I had my private bedroom and own bathroom, a big-shared living room and huge-shared kitchen with 7 students. We have Jenny (Sweden), Marcus (Sweden), Mart (Sweden), Isabel (Sweden), Thomas (Sweden), Miranda (Canada) and me in our ‘corridor’. We cooked together, watch TV together, ‘fika’(can be translated as coffee break) together…… At weekends, I usually go to somewhere with friends and explore the Swedish nature. Parties, student events, you would NEVER BE ALONE!

Barbeque with my lovely roommates

Trying out something Swedish for dinne
Blodpudding, together with Mina and LiYu

Go a park with Sebastian

Anna managed to wear Yukata in my room

Visited an elementary school in Dalarna with Alexander.
We presented our countries and our lives.
Parties and teaching my friends to make Chinese dumplings(水餃子)

Playing Monopoly in my room.

Having a ‘German dinner’ with friends
What Language do they speak?
Swedish. However, Swedish people are very good at English. I seldomly had trouble with the language barrier. They will be happy when they can use English with international students, and some of them are very interested in Asian cultures. Since I was learning Swedish language, I often tried to use Swedish to talk with them.
Here are some examples:
Tack = Thanks
Tack så mycket = Thank you very much
Hej = Hello
Hej då = Goodbye
Skål! = カンパイ!

It’s totally worth spending my time and money in the last 6 months. It was the happiest time I have ever had in my university life. From there I met lots of different people from different backgrounds. I am going to make good use of such wonderful experience on my future study and work. I highly recommend all of my friends to study abroad at least once and I guarantee you will earn so much more than you expected!
Special thanks to the Tokodai Kikin Fund and the International Office for their support, letting it possible for me to have this great chance to study in Linköping University.

The ca,ping area in Lappland (Sweden)

Awesome aurora

Våffeldagen-waffles' day

Rain deer meat


Introducing Kendo to kids

Typical Swedish scenery - lake, forest, red houses.

Atmospheric Boundary Layer at 21:21pm, May 22nd
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