Trip to Philippines

by Nicole

September 4, 2013, a trip to the Philippines for fieldwork of IDE.

After 5 hours on flight, we arrived!
It was a bit cloudy and humid on that day. I was told later that there is no such thing called gspringh, gsummerh, gautumnh or gwinterh. They only have gsunny seasonh and grainy seasonh. September is in the grainy seasonh.

De La Salle University (DLSU) has a very nice campus and the students were very friendly, welcoming. We almost had dinner together every day. Our Filipino friends showed us a lot of local things, places, food, parties. Speak of food, I really like food there, except probably a bit too few vegetables :P. One of our best experiences was in beach in Batangas. (I learned how to swim for, probably three meters but I think Ifll definitely make it more^^)

We had a really great time together.

Besides, we also spent two days visiting University of the Philippines Manila and Technological University of the Philippines (TUP). Although the time we were able to spend there was very limited, we enjoyed very much there as well. Especially in TUP, our visiting was only a couple of hours, but they had prepared awesome performances and games for us. We took many pictures and added each other on Facebook before leaving.

These of the friendliest people in the world make it a hard country to leave. I'm still in touch with many Filipinos I met during my trips, with Facebook or gSkype partyh sometimes. When we were talking, it recalled our terrific time there, which makes me feet I was still there. Really hope some day I can travel back and hangout with them there. They turned out as faithful, kind and caring friends.

To sum it up, wonderful trip, awesome people, really miss them!


(Batangas trip! Beautiful place^^)

(Departure! The five of us were team during the trip,
awesome combination^^!)

(Dinner with the Filipino Friends)

(Segway trip!
Well, I chose this because I couldnft ride bicycle T^T)

(Tokyo Tech students in our first day in DLSU)

(Philippines dishes)

(Visiting Chiyoda Philippines Corporation)

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