Atami Fireworks Festival

by Anis

So it was an impulsive action from the members of Kanda Lab to go to the fireworks festival in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture. Summer is the summer soul mate, so yeah, we think it would be great thing to see the firework in the mid-summer night on the beach of Atami, maybe even better than the great Sumidagawa Firework Festival. As we are group of five peoples, then we choose the JR Pass 18 (18 kippu) to make it cheaper.

Yey! We arrive Atami! Let’s go to the famous Atami Shopping Street which is full of Japanese style restaurant ^^


The next thing is that we tried to find something interesting for lunch. Something really ‘Atami’. After go around for almost 30 minutes, then why don’t we try soba? It is really Japanese (although maybe it’s not only in Atami we can eat it but also in all part of Japan). Special Atami gourmet? Maybe not, but we found a really nice Soba restaurant *Thx to Makabe-san and his tabelog*.

The cold soba in the hot summerおいしいp(^.^)q

What’s interesting is that the Soba Restaurant owner can speak English well. The next surprise is that she also can speak Indonesian. Amazing d(*.*)b. What the Soba tastes like? It tastes like Soba. Haha, kidding. It was really delicious, you should try this Soba Restaurant once you were casted away in Atami. I guarantee you that the owner can explain in English, although all the menu is written in Japanese.

It was still 6 hours to go before the fireworks festival start and we went to Kiun-kaku.Kiun-kaku is a villa belongs to the first owner of Tobu-line (yes, a really rich man). Simply speaking, as time goes by, the villa becomes the Atami’s government property so that it becomes one of the Atami tourism spot. The villa gives a really nice traditional Japanese ryokan (old Japanese inn) atmosphere, the pavilion, the room, and the Japanese garden completed with artificial river, pond, koi fish, and also an old Japanese turtles.

In one of the pavilion in Kiun-kaku

Ok, there are still 4 hours to kill before the fireworks begin. So we decided to stroll along the Atami Sun Beach. Nothing really special about this beach but we find that as the previous summer-vacation spot for Tokyo-people, Atami has a magnificent Mediterranean-ish city landscape. A city on a hill that straightly faces the beach. Also, it reminds Nouhe of a place Tunisia. Marvelous.

Just one and a half hour before the fireworks explode. We enjoy the beach, the summer snack which is sold a lot on the beach walking street, and of course not forget to book a good spot to see the firework.

Doing this silly things to kill the ticking time

So it is 8!! It will start soon!! We wait just on the deck fence and together with other people, did the count down to the first explosion.

10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

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