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6th International Conference on Urban Climate, G〓eborg, Sweden, June 12th - 16th 2006

The International Association for Urban Climate (IAUC, and G〓eborg University, in co-operation with
the World Meteorological Organization invite you to the Sixth International Conference on Urban Climate (ICUC-6). ICUC-6
welcomes papers seeking to understand the nature of the atmosphere in urban environments or to the application of such
knowledge to the better design and operation of settlements. Scales of interest range from individual built elements
walls, roads) through whole buildings, streets, factories, parks, clusters of buildings and neighborhoods, to whole cities
and urban regions and their impacts on weather and climate at scales up to those of global change. The focus can be
research into the physical, biological and chemical atmospheric processes operating in built areas; the weather, climates
surface hydrology experienced in built areas; the design and testing of scale, statistical and numerical models of urban
climates; or reports on the application of climatic understanding in architectural design or urban planning. Papers may
relate to new concepts, methods, instruments, observations, applications, forecasting operations, scenario testing,
projections of future climates, etc. A full list of sessions is provided on the conference web site: <http://www.urban->

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 10th November, 2005. Abstracts should be submitted via the web
(http://www.urban- <> )

Prof. Sven Lindqvist is the Chair of the local organizing committee ( For further information, please see <> (links: ICUC, then ICUC6) or email Prof. Sue Grimmond
( The official language of ICUC-6 is English.


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