Comprehensive Outdoor Scale Model Experiment
for Urban Climate

Model Site

The scale models are located on the campus of Nippon Institute of Technology, Saitama prefecture, Japan (36o01fN, 139o42fE). The site is the northern outskirts of Tokyo metropolitan area 100 km away from the Pacific Ocean. Gentle terrain extends at least several tens km in all direction from the site. The land use of the north and south around the models are paddy filed in summer, which turns bare soil in winter. A zoo is located on 100 m west from the site, and the east side is complex of local streets, sparse and row-storied residences, and paddy filed. The dominant seasonal wind is from NW in winter while from SE in summer. In terms both of the landscape and wind, we designed our scale models in such a way that the longer axes roughly coincide with the NW-SE line, which provides an appropriate fetch condition for producing sufficient internal boundary layers.

Apart from this scale model project, we have conducted continuous tower measurements so called eKugahara Projectf in a densely built up residential area in Japan (Moriwaki and Kanda, 2004; Kanda et al., 2005b) where the average building height is about 7.3 m. For the convenience, hereafter we called our larger scale model e1/5 modelf and smaller one e1/50 modelf, since the cube height of these models are roughly 1/5 (1.5 m) and 1/50 (0.15 m), respectively, relative to the Kugahara site.

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