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Monday 29th June

Plenary: Fumiaki Fujibe (Meteorological Research Institute).
Urban warming in Japanese cities and its relation to climate change monitoring. Chair: Tim Oke

Room A

A1. Measurements of airflow (1). Chair: Janet Barlow

A2. Exchange processes (1): Carbon Dioxide. Chair: Sue Grimmond

A3. Exchange processes (2): Energy and mass. Chair: Omduth Coceal

Room B

B1. Building climates. Chair: David Pearlmutter

B2. Climatic performance of impervious surfaces, water and greenspace. Chair: Yasunobu Ashie

B3. Climatic performance of urban parks and plants. Chair: Lutz Katzschner
Poster Session 1

Measurements of airflow (18)

Building climate (6)

Impervious surfaces, water and green spaces (19)

Tuesday 30th June

Plenary: Greg Carmichael (University of Iowa).
Regional and global perspectives of megacity air pollution. Chair: Howard Bridgman

Room A

A4. Measurements of airflow (2). Chair: Roland Vogt

A5. Measurements of airflow (3). Chair: Andreas Christen

A6. CFD of airflow and dispersion (1): Effects of stratification. Chair: Tetsuji Yamada

A7. CFD of airflow and dispersion (2). Chair: Hiroaki Kondo

Room B

B4. Design and planning (1): Overview. Chair: Emmanuel Rohinon

B5. Design and planning (2): Climate maps and tools. Chair: Masakazu Moriyama

B6. Design and planning (3): Outdoor comfort, wind climate. Chair: Edward Ng

B7. Forecasts for the urban environment. Chair: Evyatar Erell
Poster Session 2

Exchange processes (12)

CFD of airflow (14)

Design and planning (16)

Forecasts for the urban environment (6)

Wednesday 1st July

Plenary: David Sailor (Portland State University).
Anthropogenic heat and moisture emissions in the urban environment. Chair: Toshiaki Ichinose

Room A

A8. CFD of airflow and dispersion (3). Chair: Xiaoming Cai

A9. CFD of airflow and dispersion (4). Chair: Jan Kleissl

A10. Models of the urban atmosphere (1): Mesoscale. Chair: Hiroyuki Kusaka

A11. Models of the urban atmosphere at all scales (1). Chair: Valery Masson

Room B

B8. Impacts of climate change on cities (1). Chair: Fumiaki Fujibe

B9. Impacts of climate change on cities (2). Chair: Michael Bruse

B10. Low carbon cities (1). Chair: Andreas Matzarakis

B11. Low carbon cities (2). Chair: Jorge E Gonzalez
Poster Session 3

Impacts of climate change on cities (6)

Models at all scales (27)

Low carbon cities (3)

Urban impacts on precipitation (12)

Thursday 2nd July

Plenary: Yasunobu Ashie (Building Research Institute).
Application of the Earth Simulator to a climate-sensitive design for the Tokyo Bay area. Chair: Wilhem Kuttler

Room A

A12. Models of the urban atmosphere (2): TEB development and applications. Chair: Matthias Roth

A13. Models of the urban atmosphere (3): Thermal and wind environment. Chair: Jenny Salmond

A14. Air pollution meteorology and modeling. Chair: Petra Klein

A15. Urban aerosols and photochemical pollutants. Chair: Erik Velasco

Room B

B12. Urban impacts on precipitation (1). Chair: Gerald Mills

B13. Urban impacts on precipitation (2). Chair: Akashi Mochida

B14. Urban human biometeorology (1). Chair: Sofia Thorsson

B15. Urban human biometeorology (2). Chair: Helmut Mayer
Poster Session 4

Air pollution meteorology and modeling (12)

Remote sensing (16)

Human biometeorology (16)

Friday 3rd July

Room A

A16. Models of the urban atmosphere at all scales (2). Chair: Aude Lemonsu

A17. Remote sensing (1). Chair: James Voogt

A18. Remote sensing (2). Chair: Benedicte Dousset

Room B

B16. Urban heat islands (1). Chair: Julia Hidalgo

B17. Urban heat islands (2). Chair: Melissa Hart

B18. Urban heat island mitigation. Chair: Hirofumi Sugawara
Poster Session 5

Heat island (31)

Heat island mitigation (8)

Optional program

Technical tour 1: Taisei Corporation Technology Center, July 2 (Thursday) 15:30 - 19:00

Technical tour 2: Sierpinski's forest: New technology to cool down urban ground surfaces with fractal roofs, July 1 (Wednesday) and 2 (Thursday)

International Scientific Committee

Benedicte Dousset (Hawai`i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, USA)

Rohinton Emmanuel (University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)

Kevin Gallo (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), USA)

Sue Grimmond (King's College London, UK)

Toshiaki Ichinose (National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan)

Manabu Kanda (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Petra Klein (University of Oklahoma, USA)

Wilhem Kuttler (University of Essen, Germany)

Sven Lindqvist (Göteborg University, Sweden)

Gerald Mills (University College Dublin, Ireland)

Tim Oke (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Matthias Roth (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Jennifer Salmond (University of Auckland, NZ)

James Voogt (University of Western Ontario, Canada)

Local Organizing Committee

Manabu Kanda (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Chair

Yasunobu Ashie (Building Research Institute)

Fumiaki Fujibe (Meteorological Research Institute)

Toshiaki Ichinose (National Institute for Environmental Studies of Japan)

Atsushi Inagaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Hiroaki Kondo (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Hiroyuki Kusaka (University of Tsukuba)

Akashi Mochida (Tohoku University)

Yasushige Morikawa (Taisei Corporation)

Ryo Moriwaki (Ehime University)

Masakazu Moriyama (Kobe University)

Hirofumi Sugawara (National Defense Academy of Japan)


Manabu Kanda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Atsushi Inagaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Ryo Moriwaki (Ehime University)

Yuko Okamoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

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